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Don’t cry, Mama, khorugv

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Don’t cry, Mama, khorugv (Russian: Xоругвь, sometimes translated as gonfalon),canvas
is a religious banner used liturgically in the Eastern Orthodox and Greek-Catholic Churches. The khorugv or banner consists of an icon of Christ, the Theotokos or a saint, either painted or embroidered on a rectangular piece of cloth. The cloth will often be pointed, swallow-tailed, or have several streamers coming down from it. The banner will often have two or three tails on it, each terminating in a tassel, and may be fringed around the edges. It is suspended from a crossbar which is attached horizontally to a long vertical pole (see the article Gonfalon for a picture). The finial at the top of the pole will usually be a cross. More rarely, banners can also be made of metalwork, or carved out of wood. Banners are carried in a religious procession known as Holy Cross Processions (Russian: крестный ход, krestny khod), and when not being carried are usually displayed in the church.