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Saints Blessed Prince Theodore of Smolensk (1299) and his children David (1321) and Constantine of Yaroslavl Miracle Worker. September 19

Son of Prince Rostislav of Smolensk Theodore was a brave warrior and a godly man. Entering into marriage with Princess Mary, the heiress of the Yaroslavl Prince Vassily, lived in Yaroslavl. Power-hungry mother-in-law drove Prince Theodore of Yaroslavl, and he accepted it with humility. After the death of Mary and son Michael, Prince Theodore returned to the princely throne. He built several churches in Yaroslavl, gave them utensils, decorated with icons of stones and pearls. On the verge of death took vows as a monk and investment in the schema. The sons of Prince David and Constantine inherited piety of his father.

The holy relics of pious Prince glorified by many miracles and are in the Theodore cathedral city of Yaroslavl.

Finding the relics of pious Prince Theodore of Smolensk and his children David and Constantine, Yaroslavl Chudotvortsev (1463). March 5

Relics faithful. Prince Theodore, David and Constantine uncovered in 1463 and then became famous as many miracles. Now they rest in Theodore cathedral city of Yaroslavl. Remembrance Day is celebrated on saints and 19 September / 2 October – the day of the blessed end of Prince Theodore (1299).

18 (5 of art. Art.) March – day of the finding of the relics of the Holy Prince Fyodor Rostislavich Yaroslavl and Smolensk, and his children David and Constantine.

Yaroslavl Prince Fedor Rostislavich Black and his sons David and Constantine were canonized in 1463 in the Holy Monastery in Yaroslavl and Yaroslavl Archimandrite Christopher Prince Alexander F., of what we know from the record chronicles a year in 1463. More details about finding the relics tell the lives of:
More than a hundred years, their bodies lay in the crypt of the Church of the Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem, not buried. Abbot Christopher and conciliar priests decided to put power into the ground here in the church. On Saturday the second week of Lent gathered at the monastery of the whole cathedral was consecrated, and the prince with the boyars, and many of the people.

Fedor Rostislavich depicted in growth, right beside him a figure of Prince David, to the left – Prince Constantine. Fedor Rostislavich wearing a schema. His head was covered dolls, down from the shoulders to the chest, the mantle of dark brown or dark-crimson hue. Front from under the mantle of visible blue stole her scarlet Calvary. “Bottom clothes consist of a monk’s robes – suites with wide sleeves, sand color. Right hand Fedor Rostislavich blesses dvuperstnym addition, while the left holds a rolled scroll of white – a symbol of teaching. Lick strict, with a broad, dark, quite a big beard.

David and Constantine, slightly occlusion father figure, are presented in secular princely robes. In his right hand each of them holding a cross. The left hand of each of the princes of resting on the sword, plug into his belt. Prince David is represented as a husband sredoveka, with a big beard and a round little mustache, with a clipped in Russian – in the bracket “hair, a thin straight nose, dark eyes. Prince Constantine as tall as his brother, but younger, without Beard, with slight mustache, curly hair. In the minds of the brothers wore a small hat with a round, rather high, on horseback and with dark-brown, narrow pubescent on the bottom.: David Constantine and long coats with furred in the form of floral ornament at the bottom. The long coat girt with the two brothers rather narrow silver belt. caftan top of each of the brothers thrown over the outer garment with long sleeves (or ohabni opashni).

Features of the face of Prince Theodore strict, quiet, more appropriate face of an ascetic monk, than the prince-warrior. The Chronicle, reporting on the death of the prince, writes about Fyodor lying on his deathbed: “… in years old, by type of gray with a gray beard nerazdvoennoyu, body