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Saint Innocent of Irkutsk


Dimensions 36.5 × 40 cm


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Saint Innocent /Innokentiy of Irkutsk. Russian wooden icon (25×30), metal oklad, with frame.
In 1721 he was consecrated bishop of Pereyaslavl in preparation for his leadership of the Orthodox mission to China. As a bishop he was not permitted entry to China and was therefore appointed to the see of Irkutsk in 1727. He died in 1731 and was buried beneath the altar of the Tikhvin church of Ascension Monastery.

During restoration work on the church in 1764, Innocent’s relics were found to be incorrupt. After numerous miracles attributed to his intercession, he was glorified a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1804. Since the actual date of his repose coincides with the commemoration of the icon of the Theotokos “Of the Sign” of Novgorod, his feast day was moved to the day prior.