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• Wooden Icons Tempera and oil works in all sizes/motifs from the 16th through 19th centuries many with silver or brass oklad (reza) covers and/or encased in khiots (wooden case with glass front), all parts original Russian antiques. In addition to standard rectangular panels, triptychs and painted icon crucifixes of various sizes.
• Metal Icons Brass, bronze and silver sand-cast reliefs in all sizes/motifs many with glass enamels in one to six colors, both crucifixes and rectangular panels with one to four leaves (diptychs, triptychs, tetraptychs).
• Oil Paintings Framed, stretched or rolled works of various sizes from Tsarist times, the Soviet period and new paintings by institute trained artists; original compositions, copies of masterworks or your custom orders.
• Sterling Antique and modern handmade silver artifacts for household, office or religious uses, solid silver and closenie.
• Miscelanious Lacquered pappier mâché boxes with miniature paintings, Fabergé-style eggs (pendant and display sizes), antique porcelain, samovars (tea water boilers), religious relic holders, lampaden (votive candle chandeliers), antique clocks and many more unique individual objects from old Russia.

Military/Political Memorabilia

Most of this memorabilia is from 1917—1991 Soviet period but we also carry some items from th Tsarist empire as well as the new Russian Federation. All pieces are of highest pedigree; we do not deal in replicas or anything with questionable provenance. Along with the rare and unique, we have a large inventory of ordinary and medium range merchandise.

• Orders & Medals Thorough coverage of the Communist period of both the Soviet Union and Mongolia with emphasis on the high end including very top pieces. Individual items and sets, many with award documents and/or recipient background material. Can obtain seldom seen pieces on demand or can swiftly market rare orders for sellers. Have repurchased top items back from customers at much higher price following market value appreciation.
• Badges Large stock of Soviet military and civilian badges, common and rare. Specialized in civil war period through the Stalin era.
• Documents Unusual historical paper and photographs, most often groupings of military material from World War II Red Army commanders.
• Uniforms Complete Red Army and modern Soviet Forces duty/parade uniforms and overcoats. From the late Soviet period, tailored uniforms for top officers of army, navy, air force, police and intelligence services from Moscow’s general staff uniform atelier.
• Hats Large selection of duty and parade hats from World War II to present. Old rarities and, from above mentioned special shop, headgear for leading generals and admirals.
• Shoulder Boards Offering identical to that for hats above.
• Banners Large embroidered military and Communist party presentation banners from Stalinist to late Soviet period.
• Political Relicts Extensive assortment of artifacts of the Soviet Union including: busts, statues, reliefs, portraits, pictures, figurines, porcelain, models, flags, pennants, etc.
• Miscelanious


We carry an extensive collection of current and out-of-print reference books in Russian and/or English. Various titles cover Russian icons (wood and metal) and Soviet orders, medals and badges. If you are looking for any such books, please send us an E-Mail indicating your areas of interest.

• Specialist literature

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